Bad News, Travel Ban Judges! Rex Tillerson Just Outsmarted Them

Newest reports claim that Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, has instructed the U.S. embassies to toughen the screening process for visas. The whole “toughening” process included screening social media accounts. Reports from Western Journalism have shown that while President Trump’s travel ban still remains blocked by federal judges from

BREAKING: Trump’s Travel Ban Just Upheld!

Trump’s revised executive order which bans traveling from and to six Muslim-majority terrorist nations has been upheld by a Virginia judge. According to reports from Zerohege, on a day where the nation’s eyes were closely following Washington and the healthcare vote, President Donald Trump won an incredible important victory, as

Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Latest Travel Ban Nationwide

Ever since Trump won the election, President Obama promised that he will do everything in his power to offer a smooth transition. However, he’s done exactly the opposite. Since Trump became president, Obama has been causing chaos and disruption. A couple of weeks ago, President Trump accused Obama of wiretapping

Melania Trump Has Just Been Honored With Something Big!

The First Lady of our nation received an extremely pleasant surprise today as four winemakers from the wine growing region near Melania’s hometown, produced a new brand of red wine which they called “First Lady”. #Wine #Vino: Melania Trump honoured with ‘First Lady’ wine in Slovenia #Vinho —

BREAKING! Rapper Threatens To Kidnap Melania

Just moments after we got the news that Snoop Dogg will be getting a visit from the Secret Service for depicting himself shooting President Trump, Moss Bow Wow, who is Snoop’s nephew, made a comment which may also land him a visit: Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking