Hillary Emerges from Hiding… Makes SICKENING Announcement

No one knows the exact reason for this but Hillary Clinton was ecstatic over the Woman’s March on Washington that she actually felt compelled to comment on Twitter about it. The former Presidential candidate and possible criminal, “applauded” the event and it’s estimated 500 000 people with this tweet: Scrolling

Kellyanne Conway Rushed Out Of Her House By Secret Service

It is a well-known fact that the Liberals don’t like Kellyanne Conway very much. Well, no one even expects of them to like her.. after all, she became the first female campaign manager to run a successful Presidential campaign. The liberals should respect that fact, not launch despicable verbal attacks

Barron Trump Is About To Make White House History

Despite the cloud of attacks from leftists on Donald Trump and his family over his inauguration, the President, First Lady, and First Son Barron Trump exited their armored car with dignity and walked their monumental mile to the White House to honor their loyal supporters. But something even bigger than

What NBC Did To Trump Today Got Trump So Mad He RUINED Them…

After putting an end to CNN’s gibberish, Trump turned his sight at smashing NBC News and calling them “Fake News”. The liberal media along with the Democrats are doing their hardest to “prove” that Donald Trump is an illegitimate President. Doing so, NBC has been ignoring all the economic victories

Congress Mulls Bill to Strip All Funds from Sanctuary Cities

The topic of illegal immigration was obviously something discussed for hours during the season of the election. The liberals are on one side begging to accept everyone that wants to come in our nation, and then you have the conservatives on the other side, asking for a stronger border. When