CANCELLED: Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Gets DEVASTATING News

Judge Jeanine Pirro was hit with hard news this week when it was announced that her new hit reality television show “We The Jury,” which premiered just last month, had been cancelled. According to reports, this Friday night, when the dedicated fans and viewers of the show tuned in to

O’Reilly Makes Official Return Monday

One of the best news was given to the American people today. Bill O’Reilly is making a comeback! He is going to return tomorrow (Monday) in the form of a brand new “No Spin Zone” podcast. Experts predict high ratings for this show as many people are expected to tune in

Bill O’Reilly Makes Massive Announcement

Fox News’ former legendary host Bill O’Reilly was unfortunately fired last week from the network, after a series of allegations on sexual harassment against him, which leaked to the public. The decision of the network to let O’Reilly go left millions of fans all over the nation DEVASTATED, as he

New Numbers Reveal How Trump CRUSHED Illegals In Just 100 Days

Since Donald Trump took office three months ago, the lives of more than a thousand of illegals has become a living hell and deservedly so. According to reports, the arrests of illegal immigrants skyrocketed by incredible 32.6% in the first few weeks of his office time, “with newly empowered federal

BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly Has Been Fired!

The thing that we have all feared has finally come true, as the legendary Bill O’Reilly has been terminated by Fox News, say reports. According to NY Mag reports, the Murdochs have come to the conclusion that the 21-year old run O’Reilly has had at Fox News will come to