Republican Karen Handel wins election

Karen Handel has won Georgia’s special election, holding off the most well-funded House candidate in history and destroyed the Democrats who yearned for a special election rebuke to President Donald Trump. Karen – who previously served as Georgia’s secretary of state – received 53 percent of the vote to Democrat Jon Ossoff’s 48 percent. WithRead More

Republican Ralph Norman Wins South Carolina Special Election

After seeing the work of the liberal Democrats these past few years, the people of our nation seem to be slowly waking up and making a solid choice, replacing the corrupt swamp one by one with men who are intelligent, dedicated, qualified and actually care about the people for example Ralph Norman, and not standingRead More

Barron Trump On Liberal’s Target

During the past 8 years, President Barack Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia were seen as off limits to mockery, and anyone who dared to criticize them in any way was instantly blamed as racist. But unfortunately, it seems that the 11-year-old Barron Trump is not being treated with the same courtesy… The first son, BarronRead More

Breaking: President Trump just retweeted a supporter’s quote

These past few weeks we have witnessed the media going in against President Trump like never before, with the newest announcement that the Russia investigation will be expanding. However, things took an interesting turn just recently, when the mainstream media outlets suggested that the president should not tweet about Russia, and two Trump supporters madeRead More

President Trump Father’s Day Proclamation

President Donald Trump officially declared today Father’s Day and made an official announcement by sending a message about the responsibility fathers have to instill values and set examples for their citizen. In the official statement, President Trump also said children should thank their father for the “sacrifices” he has made for them. First thing first,Read More

Steve Scalise Shares Father’s Day Message

Last week, during a GOP baseball practice, Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a pro-liberal mentally unstable man in order to take down Republicans. Steve Scalise was shot in the hip, causing serious damage that requires multiple surgeries. His condition remained critical for a couple of days. Today, the doctors announced that his condition upgradedRead More

Sean Hannity Tells Robert Mueller To “Resign Immediately”

Liberals and their puppets in higher positions and media networks are so desperately dedicating their time and efforts into spreading fake stories how President Trump colluded with Russians to interfere the outcome of last year’s election. These are the same people, who find it completely normal that the establishment is conspiring to damage Trump withRead More