CM Punk Accuses WWE CEO of Funding Lawsuit Against Him


Former WWE star CM Punk is just a couple days away from his MMA debut against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 this Saturday. But, as it turns out, he’s still being plagued by his pro wrestling past. During an interview with Ron Kruck for Inside MMA, Punk accused WWE CEO Vince McMahon of funding aRead More

The Ideal FL Keys Roadtrip

FLORIDA KEYS, MARATHON -- The old Seven Mile Bridge, also known as the worldÕs longest fishing pier, is the only road to Pigeon Key which was a base camp used by construction crews building the Florida East Coast Railroad extension to Key West. The five-acre island houses a museum with artifacts and photos chronicling the construction of the bridge. Photo by Andy Newman/TDC.

From a drive to Key West to driving the entire Florida Keys, the perfect road trip is all about the pit stops: especially for conch fritters, tarpon fishing, and stellar photo ops. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss. Island Hopping The Florida Keys are laid-back, delightfully kitschy…and best seen from a convertible. So throw some T-shirtsRead More

Cody Rhodes reveals his true reasons for leaving the WWE


Cody Rhodes says he planned his WWE departure, not staying for the money, the Stardust concept and gradual decline, an angle that his father despised Cody Rhodes on if he was scared to finally leave WWE: “So, little-known fact, I had kind of planned for some time that I would be leaving. My father actuallyRead More

BREAKING: 1 Hillary Email SHOWED Terrorists How to Kill Amb. Chris Stevens

An email released last Monday revealed that Hillary Clinton received a message on her unsecured server about the location of murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens. This raised the possibility that the terrorist intercepted the message and that’s how they knew about Ambassador Stevens. VIA Conservative Tribune  According to Breitbart, the April 10, 2011, email from State Department employee TimmyRead More


Huma Abedin told the Feds that she wasn’t aware that Clinton used a private server until after she had stopped working at the state department. However, the evidence tell a different story… VIA Angry Patriot It was a lie, and according to Bill Clinton adviser Justin Cooper in the latest FBI release, Abedin not only knewRead More

CONFIRMED – Hillary Lied to the FBI About THIS, ARREST HER NOW!!

Watergate would have not reached the epic proportions it did without the accompanying “smoking gun” where it was proven that Nixon ordered the break-in. In that same vein, Hillary Clinton is a liar many times over, and now we can actually prove it. Hillary Clinton told federal agents that she could not recall “any briefingRead More

JUST IN: CBS Tweets That Hillary’s About To Quit!

Twitter users have captured what they say was a pretty interesting post from a CBS reporter that claims Hillary Clinton’s staffers were resigning and that she might drop out of the race. The alleged tweet was sent out Friday afternoon by CBS producer Hannah Chanpong: “Source inside Clint. Camp: “Staff resigning & worries of HRead More