Follow the Money: How the DOJ Funds Progressive Activists

It was just a matter of time before Barack Hussein Obama got exposed for using the Department of Justice to illegally launder and transfer money into the losing campaign of Hillary Clinton as well as other left-wing groups. A new GAI report was released by Peter Schweizer that shows how the DOJ under directions fromRead More

Thousands Sign Petition to FIRE the Professor who Harassed Ivanka Trump

If you remember, a few days ago Ivanka Trump was harassed and verbally attacked at JFK airport. Well, today a petition was started asking Hunter College to fire the professor. This is what happens when you mess with America’s favorite lady. Here are the details: Thousands demand Hunter College fire professor who harassed Ivanka More

Appeals Court Revives Suits Over Hillary Clinton Emails

A pair of lawsuits seeking to force the federal government to sue former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has just been revived by federal appeals court in an attempt to recover more emails from the private server she used while she was secretary of state. A panel with three judges of the District of Columbia CircuitRead More

Obama Administration Doubles Number of Refugees

For 8 years as long he is in the Office, Obama made it “clear” that he has not enough respect for our country. He accepted so many Syrian refugees, that no President ever did. The number of Syrian refugees is so high and it is predicted to be doubled until January 20th. Our current President,Read More