BREAKING: Trump’s New Deal Just Saved The US Billions!

One of Donald Trump’s executive orders in his first two weeks of his office was focused vowing to cut off funding to “sanctuary cities” unless they agreed to work with the federal government in identifying and deporting illegal aliens. If these cities don’t end their sanctuary city status, with Trump’s order the savings to theRead More

ALERT: Trump Makes Tragic Announcement

President Trump received very bad news Saturday morning. His choice as a Secretary of the Army, Vincent Viola, is withdrawing himself from consideration for the post. Viola is the founder of electronic trading company Virtu Financial and previous chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange from 2001 to 2004. Viola also owns the NHL’s FloridaRead More

BREAKING: Trump’s Next Executive Order Just Leaked!

Throughout his whole Presidency, former President Barack Obama always put illegal aliens as his first priority, giving them all sorts of benefits. As you know, millions and millions got on the welfare system, spending our hard earned tax-dollar money. Well no more! Barack Obama is out of the White House, Donald Trump is in andRead More

Trump administration to send in the Feds to Chicago

In a series of tweets, President Trump warned the Chicago leaders that if they don’t get the violence under control, he would send in the Feds. Here is the first tweet: Chicago murder rate is record setting – 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. If Mayor can’t do it he must ask forRead More

Look how many visas were revoked after President Trump’s executive order

Washington Post reported that over 100 000 visas have been revoked after President Trump’s travel ban. This number appeared during a hearing in a lawsuit by two Yemeni brothers who arrived at Dulles International Airport last Saturday and were immediately put on a flight back to Ethiopia cause of the new restrictions. However, this figure (100Read More

Brutal Drug-Resistant Infection Lands in Los Angeles

LA Times reported that health officials announced that a resident who died last year that had been infected with a bacteria that was resistant to any known anti-biotic treatment. This is a very serious problem because these types of bacteria, that carry the mcr-1-gene can lead to  strains of tuberculosis and gonorrhea that don’t respond to antibiotics. This kind ofRead More

Muslim Leader Calls For Overthrow of Trump Regime

Hussam Ayloush is the head of the Los Angeles chapter of CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations) and this guy reportedly encouraged Muslim Americans to overthrow the government. Here is what he tweeted: Ok, repeat after me: Al-Shaab yureed isqat al-nizaam.(Arab Spring chant) — Hussam Ayloush (@HussamA) November 9, 2016 According to WND, the secondRead More

Look What Just Happened When Trump Got Off Marine One

It is very refreshing to have a President, commander and chief who has enormous and deep respect for our military. As President Donald Trump left Marine One to board Air Force One for a trip over the weekend, he took his time in order to properly respect and salute the military personnel standing by. Pres.Read More


Recently, so many Hollywood stars spoke out publicly against President Donald Trump. It is a surprise to see someone to publicly support Trump, because many Hollywood stars feel they would be risking their careers doing that. That’s why it came as a surprise to many when A-list star Matthew McConaughey spoke out to defense of TrumpRead More


This is without a doubt, the most “Presidential” move we’ve seen in the past 8 years. President Donald Trump unexpectedly took off on Marine One, without telling anyone where he was going, but now we’ve learned where he was headed and we couldn’t be more proud to call him our President. The Chief Special WarfareRead More