BREAKING: 1 Hillary Email SHOWED Terrorists How to Kill Amb. Chris Stevens

An email released last Monday revealed that Hillary Clinton received a message on her unsecured server about the location of murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens. This raised the possibility that the terrorist intercepted the message and that’s how they knew about Ambassador Stevens. VIA Conservative Tribune  According to Breitbart, the April 10, 2011,


Huma Abedin told the Feds that she wasn’t aware that Clinton used a private server until after she had stopped working at the state department. However, the evidence tell a different story… VIA Angry Patriot It was a lie, and according to Bill Clinton adviser Justin Cooper in the latest FBI

CONFIRMED – Hillary Lied to the FBI About THIS, ARREST HER NOW!!

Watergate would have not reached the epic proportions it did without the accompanying “smoking gun” where it was proven that Nixon ordered the break-in. In that same vein, Hillary Clinton is a liar many times over, and now we can actually prove it. Hillary Clinton told federal agents that she

JUST IN: CBS Tweets That Hillary’s About To Quit!

Twitter users have captured what they say was a pretty interesting post from a CBS reporter that claims Hillary Clinton’s staffers were resigning and that she might drop out of the race. The alleged tweet was sent out Friday afternoon by CBS producer Hannah Chanpong: “Source inside Clint. Camp: “Staff

HILLARY IN PANIC MODE! Trump Just Won MILLIONS Of Democratic Voters…

By “courting the minority vote,” most previous Republican presidential candidates and their highly paid handlers meant dutifully going to an NAACP meeting and being berated for a few hours. The result, year in and year out? The GOP loses out on a huge share of the vote. VIA Patriot Journal As usual,

US Congress To Begin Immediate Impeachment Of Hillary Clinton

A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was assured by US Secretary of State John Kerry this past week that should Hillary Clinton be elected as the next American president, the US Congress would begin immediate impeachment proceedings

JUST IN: Trump Just Got Massive Endorsement, He Is Crushing Hillary!

A few weeks ago, one of America’s top billionaires showed his support for Trump. Now, another powerful figure, the CEO of Hobby Lobby, is supporting Trump too. VIA The Gateway Pundit On Thursday Hobby Lobby CEO David Green urged Americans who believe in religious freedom to support Donald Trump. “Donald